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The program is unavailable for downloading: only available as a software bundle with certain Sound Blaster Audigy, Extigy and NOMAD products.


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  • MediaSource Player
  • MediaSource Organizer
  • MediaSource Audio Converter
  • MediaSource first run Wizard

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jean de los santos Senior editor

This program has been reported to be unavailable on a regular basis.
This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
Creative MediaSource is a Multimedia Suite distributed with Soundblaster and Zen products from Creative with main target to make it easier to organize, play, convert and transfer music from your computer or portable mutimedia player; it even includes an online store to compete with iTunes.

It's compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista however there are some differences between them, the most notable is the lack of EAX Console (surround effects) for Vista, due to hardware driver limitation.

MediaSource organizer allows you to sort music by genre, artist, album, year, and create 'usual' and 'smart' playlist, the last one has some defaults filters, for example, ones sorting music by tempo (speed), rating (vista own rating) new or old favorites, etc.

MediaSource audio converter will let you select and convert Mp3, wave or wma files.

Last but not least, MediaSource player will let you enjoy your music with some nice options such as crossfading between tracks, volume management and audio clean up.


  • Eax Console for Windows XP.
  • Pitch control and good amount of default EQs.


  • Lack of plug-ins or skins.
  • Vista version doesn't have EAX Console.

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    Thomas McDonald 5 years ago

    I click on the download link, but get redirected to the welcome page where I find no download. I have just installed a new (OS) disk, and I am trying to re-load CTCMS.exe

  • 1
    Obrad1961 5 years ago

    Thanks for new version Creative MediaSource for my card Sound Blaster Live

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